Radio Mode.Radio: DJ Nery (Dubstep) and Lefrenk (Tech house)

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    Mode.Radio May/June 2013

    It's been a minute since our last episodes, but is back for the summer. Enjoy these mixes:
    Radio Ready--Lefrenk--Light Sources Mixtape 002
    The last time we featured LeFrenk on it was Summer 2010. Since then he has definitely deserved to be considered a Radio Ready DJ. This Spanish DJ is back with a tech house/minimal set of brand new tracks. Enjoy!

    01. MMOTHS - For Her (Max Cooper Remix) [Mmoths Music]
    02. Bakermat - Zomer [Delicieuse Records]
    03. Logiztik Sounds - Illumine (Cora Novoa Remix) [Manual Music]
    04. Peet - Deep Swing [Traum]
    05. Dj Yellow + Astrid Suryanto - Light On Me (Spada Remix) [Project Recordings]
    06. Broke One - Gravity [Bmkltsch Rcrds]
    07. James McConagghew - Musikalish Freiheit [Rawmatroid]
    08. Arjuna Schiks - Hua Hun [Wolfskuil Records]
    09. Lefrenk - The Traveller [Grrreat Recordings]
    10. Apparatique - The Plesqure (Walkboy Remix) [Miocene Records]

    Listen here:

    Debut Series 56--DJ Nery--Rockit Night #12
    After trolling around Soundcloud, I stumbled upon this mix from Portugal's DJ Nery. Nery became well known in his home country after appearing at the Red Bull Music Academy. Well-known for drum 'n' bass, this is a dub set from him done in 2012. There's no tracklisting, but plenty to enjoy in this set.

    Listen here:

    You can check out at these locations on the interwebs: