Modafinil - Salut


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Oct 25, 2009
really nice drum beat, full on rolling sound... vocals or a bit of lead piano would be great on this mate :) not my kind of tune (dancefloor) but doesnt sound bad atall mate. wicked!!

btw, if you make sure to give regular feedback to others, then you might find you get the same amount in return!! and that shit is helpful. what goes around!


Jul 29, 2010
Man i love it ! Great tune. And i agree, a vocal sample would just add the little something your track needs to be awesome ;)


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Nov 17, 2008
the drums are bit muddy to be honest need to have much punch.Also a bit of brightness on the melodic elements might help make it a bit more clean , that being said they could be little lower in the mix as they can a bit repetitive at times and drown out the bass a bit.


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Aug 3, 2009
It's sounding good bud.
If were to be extremely critical I'd say that the lead synth that comes in before the drop is far too loud and stays too loud when it drops, i dunno the vibe of the track is chillin to but that synth just takes me outa the chilled vibe, maybe this is what you want to.

The dcrums soundgoodbut i think theyd benifit from some extra punch and thee a little quite in the mix.

Other than that well done.
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