[MKE] 10.15 KRYTERIA (Cause4Concern*Viper*Redlight) @ Ivy

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    Milwaukee, WI USA

    KRYTERIA -Miami
    ( Cause4Concern | Viper | Redlight | Ammunition | Abducted | Apparatus | C2O )
    http://www.kryteriadnb.com/ - http://soundcloud.com/kryteria - http://www.facebook.com/Kryteriadnb

    Kryteria is coming. This sentence is one many should heed. On the dawn
    of a new age in the world of EDM, spanning many sub genreā€™s of music,
    these artists and performers are bringing DnB to a whole new level, a
    level that has been stepped upon in the past but with a new style and a
    new sound. The technological advancements have given KRYTERIA the
    opportunity to explore many new avenues of production in the past few
    years as well as new ways of developing sounds for use in many

    Kryteria formed in 2003 by: Paradigm, Patrick Felony & Deep Frequency
    quickly came on to the Miami DNB scene by landing a 2hr spot every
    week on Miami's biggest Internet Radio show The Womb, as well as
    hosting South FL's only strictly DNB night "Ground Up" booking and
    playing alongside such artists as Andy C, Shimon, Dieselboy ,Skynet,
    Black Sun Empire, Bad Company, Ed Rush & Optical, Trace as well as
    many other top names.

    After adding Trench to the crew in 2008 Kryteria is now moving
    forward stronger than ever with over 20 releases on MP3 10 of which
    made it in the top 100 on most major MP3 retailers sites! But it does
    not stop there these boys have releases coming out on such labels as
    Cause 4 Concern , Viper, Redlight, Ammunition Recordings ,Abducted
    Records, as well as getting major DJ support from the likes of Evol Intent,
    Ed Rush & Optical, Optiv, Axiom, BTK, Unknown Error,Skynet,AK1200,
    Chris Renegade, Crissy Criss and other top names! All while working on
    multiple collaborations with artists such as Optiv, Axiom, Jade, Task
    Horizon, Ble3k & more spanning the globe. Be on the lookout for Kryteria
    in the future as they make their move to becoming a well known name
    and sound in DNB. KRYTERIA is coming.


    KRUSER -Milwaukee
    ( Locked Down Productions | Betamorph )

    THRASHER -Milwaukee
    ( Better Breakbeat Bureau*Outlawed )

    MINDSPYK -Milwaukee
    ( Milwaukee Noize Collective )

    Drink Specials Include:
    $2 Miller Lite Tappers
    $2 Shots of Jameson
    $4 Vodka Mixers

    Show @ 9pm | 21+ w/ I.D.| Free before 11pm, $5 afterwards

    IVY Lounge
    1118 N 4th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53203
    Doors open at 9pm


    October 1st
    FUEL Launch Party feat. JONN HAWLEY (Soul Fuel | Large Music | Lingo) ANGEL EYES (LostNFound) -Milwaukee

    October 8th
    FUEL presents T. MIXWELLl (HuHu | CHFM | MHYH.net) -Chicago
    FORTUNE (A.part) -Milwaukee

    October 15th
    FUEL feat. KRYTERIA (Cause4Concern | Viper | Redlight) -Miami
    KRUSER (Locked Down | Betamorph) -Milwaukee
    THRASHER (Better Breakbeat Bureau | Outlawed) -Milwaukee
    MINDSPYK (Milwaukee Noize Collective) -Milwaukee

    October 22nd
    FUEL presents Solarstatik & D1 (progressive house/tribal/live pa.) -Milwaukee
    Wyatt Agard (electro house/video mixing) -Madison

    October 29th
    FUEL presents 'MURDERaSHEN' feat. JUSTIN LONG (.dotbleep) -Chicago
    Angel Eyes Birthday Celebration!

    November 5th
    FUEL presents Projekt feat. SKOOZBOT (Plus8 | Minus | Mindshake) -Detroit
    DAVID DOMINGUEZ (Projekt Intl) -Milwaukee
    SIR FICE (Projekt Intl) -Milwaukee

    Stay tuned for many more events TBA sOOn =]