MK Ultra intro...


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You could do this a lot of different ways. Here, it sounds like saturation and delay lines are your key. Try setting up a synthesiser with both a Sine and a Saw one octave a part from one another. Then try adding a high pass filter from inside of the synthesiser. Play around with any additive like mod controls such as FM before finally adding whatever saturation (wave shaping / distortion) that the instrument offers. If the output is a little more grimy and/or distorted than you like, you can throw an EQ onto the insert to add a low pass filter which will smooth out any of the distortion artefacts and similar crap that you do not want (Just start the frequency cutoff at about Nyquist and turn it down in frequency until you achieve your desired result). Finally, either create a bus channel and/or use an insert to throw on a multi-tap delay line with lengths no less than ~50-100 ms to about ~200-300 ms.