Drum & Bass MK - Discrete (NI Driver Experiment) FREE DL

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Hey everyone!

I was experimenting with Driver (Native Instruments) today. Got it for free over christmas :3 and just discovered how epic it could be :D
This is not quite a final version, but I only started work on it this morning.

Still, it's got a nice and punchy overdriven bass sound (done with 2 Driver instances) and It creates an interesting effect (with some nice resonance feedback sounds). Everything else is pretty bog-standard though. Takes a while to get going but I reckon it's worth the listen. May change the chord progression (you'll hear what I mean).

Most sounds were done with NI Massive or were presets on Xpand 2 bundles with Pro Tools. The Drum samples were free from boyinaband.com (dnb sample pack), and sequenced with Structure Free (also bundles with Pro Tools). Sub Bass by Vacuum (Built from Juno 106 Bass preset). Also mastered a bit with the compressors and EQs bundled, again, with Pro Tools.

You should recognize the jingle before the drop :p

Currently using Pro Tools MP9.

Thanks in advance for any feedback! Let me know what you think of using plugins like driver, and what you think of the sound it creates :D

Cheers - Metaklingen