Miyagi (Instrumental Version) // FILM MUSIC


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So this intro is probably going to be my masterwork till now. So much effort and tweaking in this one, and a lot of resampling. Not because of all the effects but due to all the layers for the orchestral and piano parts. The cymbals where one of the hardest parts, next to the shamisen string instrument playing the main melody. I used for minor chords as the main progression, the shamisen, erhu and shakuachi are played in a Japanese tone scale to get the real Japanese feeling.

So I made a little extended instrumental version of the intro, quite like it.

Still a lot of work to do on the main Dubstep tune this is gonna be in, finalizing everything but since the main tune's project is already so big I needed to make this intro in a separate project, as well as a third project for creating some more bass sounds for the main drop. I surrender! Lord give me a 8-core desktop... :alchy: