mixytown!! jungle / liquid / deep / minimal.. all styles!


VIP Junglist

Seba - painted skies
logistics - inside my soul
chase and status - music club
serum - chalice/ just a beat ( duno which one it is )
June MIller - Converge
alix perez - suffer in silence
distorted mind - thief
danny breaks - Vol.1 (logistics remix)
serum - just a beat/chalice (again not sure which one it is haha)
maximum style Vol 2. marky and spy remix
serum - walk the walk
sigma - el presidente vip
aquarius - raiden
icicle - minimal funk
anile - othodox
phace - strange science
calibre - drop it down
wickaman + Rv - ????
serum - souped up
spectrasoul - organiser
fracture and neptune - hull breach
noisia - facade
original sin - therapy
>>g dub + jaydan - crush

couple of slips where maybe i should have switched but oh well live and learn.. hope u enjoy :)
feedback appreciated but i realise its a rare thing most the time so fuck it just download it and enjoy haha!