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Mixupload : Hello Rocksteady. Give us a few short words to present yourself to the mixupload readers.

Im a Drum’n’Bass DJ from the place where it all began. London. Been into the scene since I was about 13. Im currently apart of a collective called The Mutant DJs.

Mixupload : What are your musical influences?

I grew up in Peckham, south London, so I have always been around a pretty lively and diverse community. I got stuff on my iPod ranging from Portishead, Madness and The Specials to other people like Capleton and The View you can see I get my influences from all over the place. Thats not including my dnb artists I get influences from. I find listening to a wide range of music gives you the right inspiration you need.

Mixupload : Can you tell us a little about the course of your DJ career so far?

My career?? Well. I started off way back as an MC for a south London collective known as “Seismic Force” some of you may have heard of us some may not, but during our time we had a huge following. I had the opportunity to play with Innovation, Warriors Of The Dance aswell as organising our own events at various clubs around the country. Being a collective of three DJs and four MCs you can imagin the logistical nightmare we had getting ourselves to and from our events.
It was probably late 2003 that we split, due to personal reasons, mainly university etc. I myself who was just starting to get into the production side of the scene turned to mixing. I had always had a bit of a passion for it anyway and started a new collective called The Mutant DJs alongside two others from Seismic Force.
Over the past few years of DJ'n its been crazy. Ive been able to travel to pastures far and play in clubs and bars across the country and abroad. I never once thought that this would ever happen!
I had my first major break back in 2001/2002 when asked to play on the south London radio station “Select FM” then known as “2G FM” where alongside myself Rocksteady (known then as Rapta G), BeBop (Known then as Trickie , Shredder (known then as Phodee) and Gusto would come to rest for over three years. We began making a new name for ourselves. Networking with some of the biggest names in the scene but sadly due to differences amongst the management we left to join several different stations including “Real FM”, “London Live and Direct” and “Flex FM” but unfortunately we never really settled with these stations untill late 2004 when DJ SLB asked us to come and play on the prestigious London based radio station “UKRUMBLE.COM”. It was really here that we started pushing ourselves. Alot of the big names started turning their heads and realising we were doing something different.

Mixupload : Which people inspired you to invest your time in the dancefloor scene?

Thats a bit of a funny question?. Who inspired me? Well over the years I have met some proper interesting people. Many have given me the inspiration to carry on doing what ive always wanted to do. But overall It has to be the ravers! Its absolutely amazing getting the opportunity to play in front of a crowd that loves the music your playing. The Drum’n’Bass scene is more like a family, everyone involved has nothing but respect for each other. Fair enough its had its bad times but at the heart there are some of dance scenes best and most dedicated people.
Ive had alot of support from the squat party scene aswell. Big respect to the Random brothers.

Mixupload : Squat party scene? How did you get into that?

hmmmmmm. Its was all a bit strange actually. I used to spend my youth going to these parties in warehouses and eventually you begin to start talking to a few people. I was offered a set at one of their smaller raves in Hackney a few years back. Ever since then ive been playing with them. They are a really good bunch.
The squat party scene is off the hook! nothing beats a proper good squat party in a huge warehouse.

Mixupload : Do you remember your first DJ event? Was it good or bad?

OF COURSE!! Not to sure whether it was good or bad actaully!?. I was shaking so bad. I was so nervous the first few mixs went down the pan! (Rocksteady laughs to himself) but once the nerves stopped I had a really good time and still managed to get another booking from the promoter. So I cant have been that bad!

Mixupload : Which track first truly inspired you?

Bad Company – The Nine. This track inspired me to write my own. Will never forget the first time I heard this! Big respect to the Bad Company camp.

Mixupload : What's the single track that's doing it for you at the moment?

Mmmmm. Theres a few if im honest. Really feeling the new Hazard track "Machete". But i suppose everyones saying that at the moment. Other than that theres a few more producers im keeping my eye on. Like, Telemetrik. That guy has alot of talent!

Mixupload : Which disc/vinyl do you always carry in your flycase/record bag?

Rhyme Tymes – Move VIP. A proper killer dancefloor track. Its my weapon of choice. (Rocksteady puts a little smerk on his face)

Mixupload : Choose a genre that interests you in the dancefloor scene at the moment. Tells us why..

Drum’n’Bass of course!!! (Rocksteady shouts) Right now the scene has a real good energy about it. Drum’n’Bass offers listeners everything! Right now the scene is going through a huge change and is begining to really find its feet. With the D’n’B scene starting to find its own REAL sub-genres the producers and DJs alike are all becoming more involved with there specific style. This is in my opinion is making Drum’n’Bass better, moving the scene faster than you can imagin. I cant wait to see whats going to happen next!

Mixupload : With which DJ ('s) would you like to collaborate?

There is one DJ out at the moment who I have got a lot of respect for and that’s Taxman. A very dedicated DJ/Producer. I would love the chance to one day sit down in a studio with him and write and absolute smasher!

Mixupload : Why Taxman?

Ive just got alot of respect for him and his brother. Both of them have worked really hard over the last couple if years! Generation Dub have really pushed there production skills and so has Taxman. The new wave of jump-up would be nothing like it is today without these guys!

Mixupload : So what do you think about the emergence of new software mixing tools such as PCDJ or Traktor?

To be honest im still undecided about it all. As are most DJs at the moment. On one side it can ruin the scene, on the other it opens new doors its a whole new look at being a DJ, no longer will you be limited to what your decks can do or what your mixer can do but you can now start playing with the sounds themselves live, as you mix. It can open up a whole new world for DJs. Instead of just mixing it could turn into a whole show.

Mixupload : Do you think that the MP3 format and tools such as mixupload represent a risk for the trade or a new, more dynamic way of promotion?

Like I mentioned before the MP3 thing is already having a major affect on the revenue producers are getting and everyone knows that its not right to download someones hard work for nothing! So don’t do it!
As for MixUpload. Its apart of the new thign going on at the moment where DJs are promoting themselves online. It was really hard in the past for you to upload mixs. It was hard just getting people to listen full stop. But now with sites like Mixupload.com and dnbforum.com its easy! What more could you ask for?

Mixupload : What advice would you offer someone new to the DJ scene, looking to launch a career?

Take it easy. It takes time and patience to get yourself going. Many a time Ive thought about giving it all up because I felt like im not getting anywhere! But just keep going, hard work and dedication will always pay off. I mean ive been on the scene for nearly 10 years now and I am still hungry for more. This is what will get you there in the end! So just keep it up and make friends!

Mixupload : What are your upcoming events?

Ive got the launch night of our new promotions group. TMD Promotions. Which is end of June ealry July. Also got a few nights coming up with Aftershock radio and a few student events.

Weekly shows on both Aftershock Radio and Nakedbeatz Radio

www.aftershockradio.com Tuesdays 8-10pm
www.nakedbeatzradio.com Mondays 8-10pm and Saturdays 2-4pm


Mixupload : Any last comments?

Thank you to everyone reading this and I hope its given you an insight into my world. Thanks to everyone that’s helped me get to where I am and an even bigger shout to BeBop, Shredder, Gusto, Mekar, Sammy Dodger and Danja.

I sound like ive won the grammys or something! (Rocksteady giggles to himself)

Take care


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