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Apr 9, 2018
Assent, Belgium
Sooo, hi everybody reading this!

My name is Jef, I'm 20y/o
Belgium based
Spinning Drum & Bass (especially Jump up dnb) for about a year and 4 months
DJ name: Konfliqt

I just sorted out all my mixes in playlists on my Soundcloud page (link at the bottom of this thread)
And from my own experience I rather listen to a mixtape or DJ Contest while driving, working out, taking the bus,...as separate tracks.

So if you're that kind of person to, feel free to check out my mixes & give me some feedback if you feel like giving it :)

Oh and if you feel like I should deffo hear your mixtape as well, feel free to hook me up with a link of it!

Have fun listening, met vriendelijke groeten (as we say in dutch) konfliqt

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