mixing down tips on reason?


safe peeps, just wondering if any1 cud point me in the right area about mixing down on reason, anything from tips, tuturials etc, also wondering once ive finished a track how long i should leave it before i start a mix down? get back 2 me on dis 1. safe


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take a day or two before you mix n master.

I reccomend making your song without a mastering combi suite on, nor 8 - band compression combi.
Just make it sound as good as you can BEFORE you master.
Make sure you fill out your song, with pans and effects.

When you master, first listen to your song muting everything but one channel.
Say.. the most important: drums. Assuming you run all your drums through one channel, there is not much to master yet.
Still make sure your drums sound nice. Use a little bit of the same compression ratio 1,5:1 ~ 2:1 on all your drum samples, so there is less peaking going on with breaks or loud cymbals.
Next I suggest to unmute the bass, and master it untill you like it in comparison to the drums.
Then keep doing this untill everything sounds good compared to one-other.

I usually check drums first, then bass, pads, high sounds, builds. (in this order I mean)

Well then you've done this, listen to each sound individually adding a little reverb (except the drums)
After this maybe add some treble/bass effect from the mixer.

Now for the next part...

Go to combinator > mastering suit combi packs > 8 band compression.
Tweak around with the input gain a little (mostly around 100 works fine) and the compressor will do it's job.

(Oh, before I forget... What does this little ****er do? Whenever you have a PHAT BASSSSSSSS it pushes down your high pitched notes in volume. This will be prevented through the 8band compression unit. It simply evens out the sound in terms of wideness(? is this a word?) and volume.)

Usually nothing to change around with this tool, just place it between your mixer and the main out.

Personally I'd like to add another mastering suit combi before this one even.
This one does NOT involve a compressor. Really just delete it from the standard one, cause your already using enough compression in your 8band compression unit.
The rest is to your liking. Mostly I have an equalizer, stereo imager and maximizer in it, but you could really leave out the stereo imager if you want, since the 8band compression will do that work for you. The maximizer is most important here.

I hope I've helped. I'm not the best at this yet, so if someone has some improvement points or additions; feel free to comment on me. I accept all tips n tricks since I want this studio quality too!!


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Im not sure Reason has a analyser...after your happy with the mix, bounce it down without a Mastering suite and check it with a analyser in another program, just to see if there are any major problems you can identify.

As said, then give it a day before listening again and slap a suite on it, there are you tube tutorials for mastering in reason. Afterwards, check with analyser again to ensure no artefacts or frequencies have been tarnished or even created by the mastering