Mixing dnb/jungle


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Hi all,

I was just after some advice about how to mix dnb.

I've been slowly learning to mix tech/house/trance over the last 6 months (although full-time work and full-time girlfriend get in the way of practice).

I recently saw a dnb dj perform (local) and became quite interested in the style/genre - bought 2 LPs (Sonic - Galaxyflip, Spirit - RPM) that sounded good. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start with mixing breakbeat style music...

Is it possible to beatmatch this kind of stuff? If so, what are you looking for? Hi-hats? If you get the hi-hats matched, won't the breakbeats conflict?

Any advice would be much appreciated :D


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go the snares man!
mostly all the snares are on the 2nd and 4th beats.. or the second and 3.5 beat. if that makes sence.. but its pretty easy if u been djing before i think?? i started with it so i dont really know haha.. but yeah, just try and get them to line up.. and they dont conflict nah, unless u get into jungle beats, that get kinda obvious that they are out easier.. or something.. blah!

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explaining how 2 mix dnb is not easy, but actually doin it isnt that hard! i learnt using house & moved 2 drum n bass as easy as that.
its no different 2 mixin house- find the 1st beat of the bar, cue it up & drop it over the 1st beat of the bar of the tune thats playin out the speakers. As CoB said, the snares are the key 2 telling if its too fast or slow, but you can hear from other sounds in the tune if it is running too fast or too slow (e.g. the kicks, hi hats or melody).
you'll find you get the ear for it after a while!
Make tapes all the time to see how ure progressing,ull make a tape listen to it and cringe thinking thats so bad but by listening to it ull think oh i should've speeded that up instead of slowed it down then eventually ur ear will pick up on how to know if it needs speeded up or slowed down.Good thing probably is try mixing tunes that r samey just so its easier,cos as u said uve only 2 records maybe they sound crap together and an expert would do a crap mix with them and that galaxy flip as i recall thats not a 'simple' tune to mix,maybe a good idea is to listen to good dnb djs and mix the tunes they mixed together so u know they go well together,hope thats some help!