Mixing and Mastering

Hi all,

Just a quick hello to a board that a number of our engineers are already familiar with, and I myself have been a keen follower of for a while now.

We are a recently launched Audio Production House, based in the UK. We offer an array of services throughout the Audio Industry. This ranges from Recording to Post Production, and Live Sound through to Project Management.

Something that we endeavour to keep to is our very, very competi

We are particularly interested in expanding our presence across the Dance music industry. Under out network of engineers we have a number of experienced, signed producers working together on projects to get the best possible result. If you have any tracks that need mixing, mastering or re-mixing... please feel free to contact us via email: sam@sampleandholdproductions.com

Head over to the Production Board to find details on a limited offer for Mixing and Mastering.

If there are any producers who feel they have the level of skill to play a part in our network, please feel free to check out our website (http://www.sampleandholdproductions.com) and drop us a line at engineers@sampleandholdproductions.com with a link to your sound reel, and we'll be sure to check it out and get in touch.

We are also running an offer for 3 tracks, fully mixed and mastered for £50 so feel free to get in touch...

Thanks for your time,


Sample & Hold Productions