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Aug 24, 2008
My current mixer is on it's last legs. Thinking about buying a new one in the near future.

Seen a 2nd hand Numark DXM01usb for around 50 quid and was thinking about getting it.

Would be prepared to spend £200 if I can get a decent 3 chan mixer. Any recommendations?


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Dec 29, 2007
Hurstpierpoint- Near Brighton

£225, understand if thats a bit expensive though, I had this mixers previous model the DXM09 as my first mixer for 2 years and got on really well with it. Many people say about Numark mixers build quality but I never had a problem.. Check through the range of Vestax mixers aswell, I had a nice little 3 channel one after the DXM09, can't remember the model though.
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