Mixdowns for £10 :-) (first 5 get it for £5!)


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Nov 9, 2008
Kent, UK
Right im not gonna claim to be a proffessional or claim to have studied all these brilliant techniques, however i have spent the last 6 years learning how to get the best mixdown using the software/setup that i have and would like to put it to good use.

For £10 ill take the stems of your tune and mixdown and add a basic master that will be of a decent quality for you to send to labels, play out, stick in mixes etc. The tunes will be release ready however I'm not a mastering engineer and will only add a basic master to finish it off so i wouldnt advise sending straight for release. They will however be ready to be mastered by a label and then submitted for release. This all depends on the quality of the original tune ofcourse :)

And just to get things going, the first 5 people to get tunes over to me will get their mixdowns for £5.

If interested get intouch freek(at)bluecheeserecords(dot)co(dot)uk

to hear tunes i've mixed previously go to http://soundcloud.com/djfreek
Fun idea, but, honestly, I'd be more interested in learning how to do it properly myself :D
Good luck though! :)
yea thats fair enough mate, this is more for people who maybe have a tune signed but are having trouble with gettin the mix to sound right. or maybe a producer who plays out a lot and wants the ability to drop their own tunes in their sets but dont have the technical knowlege yet etc.

Also i see alot of bad publicity with regards to people taking money and not sending tunes etc.. the way ill guarentee it is i wont take any money upfront (obviously) but ill send a 1 min clip of the finished mixdown. if the producer is happy with it they will send payment via paypal and i will send both the unmastered wav and also a 320 mp3 copy with my mastering.

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Will be uploading some techy/darker stuff to the soundcloud this week so you can get an idea of my mixdowns on other sounds other than jumpup.
not a bad idea but i agree with attire its nice to do it yourself
recon this is a good idea for a deadline on a tune or sumfin tho
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