Drum & Bass [MIX] Thomas B - DnB vs Drumstep 2013



Q:Thomas B, tell us about yourself, this mix, and how it all came about.

A: Whats up everyone. I hope you guys enjoy my new mix. I’ve been spinning D&B for 14 years and have had some lack of motivation over the past few years. I started hearing drumstep here and there and was instantly hooked. I’ve always been a fan of half time D&B and drumstep brings that half time drum beat but stays in the D&B world. This mix is one drumstep tune then one D&B tune all throughout the mix. I’ve always tried to push myself when putting out mixes and feel that I’ve accomplished that with this mix. Any feedback is welcome, good or bad. It’s not a mix for everyone but I like the way it turned out. Enjoy!

1. Magnetic Eyes – Matrix, Future Bound, Baby Blue – TC Remix
2. Never Acid Again – Cause4Concern – Neonlight Remix
3. When The Rain Is Gone – Adam F – Delta Heavy Mix
4. Capsize – Memtrix
5. Nuclear – Zomboy
6. Cosmix Cowboy – Neonlight
7. Scorpion Dance – MUST DIE!
8. Daylight – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
9. Black Magic – Kill The Noise
10. Dirty – Dirtyphonics – Metrik Remix
11. Lightbringer – Far Too Loud
12. Through The Night (featuring Tom Cane) – Drumsound & Bassline Smith
13. One Minute – Krewella – DotEXE’s Dopest Dope Remix
14. Holdin On – Monsta – Skrillex & Nero Remix
15. Killin It – Krewella – Dirtyphonics Remix
16. The End Is Near Part 1 – 12th Planet, Flinch – Dirtyphonics Remix
17. W.M.F.D. – Dieselboy, Bare
18. Dribble – Muffler
19. Sleepless – Excision, Savvy – Loadstar Remix
20. Chrum – Screwball
21. Tidal Wave featuring Alpines – Sub Focus