[MIX] Rayda Vs Nayf. 2 hour set.

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    Basically i was given a tracklisting in order by Nayf of DNBA this is what i came up with.

    DOWNLOAD http://dnbshare.com/download/RaydaTheBadBackBonanza2008-10-2.mp3.html

    1. Instra:mental vs DrkStr: The Chamber (Darkestral)
    2. Rollers Instinct: Haze (emotif)
    3. Adam F: Metropolis (Doc Scott remix) F Jams
    4. Photek: One Nation (Sanctuary CD)
    5. Ruffige Kru: Dark Metal (Source Direct Remix) (Metalheadz)
    6. Source Direct: The Cult (Metalheadz)
    7. Photek: Resolution (Photek remix) (Science)
    8. Optical: Dark Skies (Metro)
    9. Spirit: Can't Let Go (Inneractive)
    10. D Bridge: Creatures Of Habit (Exit)
    11. Calibre: Deep Every Time (Creative Source)
    12. Sabre: Love Is Gone (osiris)
    13. Klute: Property Is Theft (Commercial Suicide)
    14. Seba & Krazy: Arsenic (Innerground)
    15. ST Files: Moods (Soul: R)
    16. Calibre: TV On (Signature)
    17. Lynx & Maple: Shaku (Digital Soundboy)
    18. John B: Music for lost cities (beta)
    19. Spirit: Strange Days (Underground Noise 04 B Side)
    20. Studio Pressure: Freeway 2000 (Photek)
    21. Teebee: Severed Dreams (Cert 18)
    22. Klute: Our Leader (Commercial Suicide)
    23. Optical: To Shape The Future (Remix)
    24. Hive etc: Standing Room Only (Violence)
    25. Artificial Intelligence: Uprising (Overthrown VIP)
    26. Teebee - Silent Depths (Cert. 18)
    27. Breakage: Come Back (Bassbin)
    28. Commix: Bear Music (Hospital)
    29. Instra:mental: Naked Zoo (Soul:R DAT music CD)
    30. Shogun: Paparazzi (Renegade)
    31. Adam F: Aromatherapy (F Jams)
    32. Goldie: Sea Of Tears (FFRR)
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    This is very good.