mix of old and new techstep and minimal beats

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    ALL VINYL, bit of old stuff and newer tunes with vibes.
    just one of the better bedroom mixes ive recorded, not the best mixing at times

    da tunes
    ASC - symbol 1
    Villem - Red Matter
    Dillinja - threshold
    Phobia - clean break
    johnny L - moving through air - Optical remix
    skeptical - refraction
    Fortran - sardines
    Skeptical - Cold One Jubei remix
    Matrix - sedation
    photek - hidden camera static mix
    code 3 - what you saying
    Future Forces - Whos Da Man
    Jubei - Patience
    matrix - mute 98
    Break - guilty pleasures
    Decoder - the difference
    Intensity - generation
    aphex twin - pancake lizard
    intensity - shadows
    aphex twin - Peek 824545201 :evil:

    Clanged a few :cool:
    feedback appreciated