Mix of my own tunes

Hey guys put together a wee mix of my own tunes. All very amateurish really but I can hear improvements in my production from some older tracks, though still a lot of messy shit in there, live and learn eh, hope someone listens only 35 mins mostly dark dnb then some jungley/breakcorey stuff. Also first mix ive made in about ten months so good few mistakes, made tunes in ableton and mixed in traktor cheers.


download: https://mega.co.nz/#!xBZjQLAB!dTWzcZMJDgJH-OzVlLUKPcV2679OUWaYzv8UVNjx5CA

Track List:

Horns collaboration
Raver tune
another planet
dark strings
open your eyes
somewhere else
glittering hyperspace bells
an area of the mind
god is love
sonic attack
ivory tower
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Manu Forti

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yeah mixing good man... im loving the songs althouhg i do prefer to go for some more downtempo stuff myself these days. i think some lements on your mixdown need inspection but other than that i like, wanna do me a favour and check a mix i done of my tunes... theyre all WIPS and its really just been thrown together but i want to know if anyone is liking the sound im going for


Infinite I

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Hey thanks man, yes I know I need to improve my mixes, see some of the tunes are quite old and I have noticed an improvement in some of my newer tracks as I said. Im 25 minutes into your mix, nice and chilled. Think it would be perfect post peak of mushrooms, or maybe even the peak lol Ill let you know when ive finished listening to it all on your thread but so far aye its cool, I like most electronic music though easily pleased know. Ive actually been making some lower tempo stuff but not as chilled as yours, more four-tet esque hiphoppy stuff. Ive got a great ambient template I made should really open it up and try something again. Oh and Im also from Scotland ;) dont live there though lol