[MIX] Octane - Crush My Bits [Nasty Jump-up]



Easy all, I'm off work with an ear infection, so i thought the best way to get rid of it would be to crank some tunes :confused:

My doctor doesnt agree, but what does he know lol


Not planned, not rehearsed, and only flicked through to make the tracklist. Was originally just for me but if anyone else wants a listen then fire away :)

45mins 320kbps

Crstal Clear? - Turn on the heat
Sigma? - El President VIP
Dub Control - Drones
Vital Elements - Line Dance
Jaydan - Fight Music
OS & Taxman - 97 Style
Zodiac - The game
Soulpride - Grimble Man
Dub Control - ??? (other side of drones)
Callide - Enter when ready
Vital Elements - Pay up Time
Zodiac - All That?
Sensai - Grid 9
Vital Elements - Murder ya Bloodclart
Complex - One chance
P.A - Black fungus
??? - ???
Soulpride - Crank
SBS - Can you Feel it
Soulpride - ???
Sensa? - ???
Sensa - Gettin Personal
Jaydan - Rush Hour
??? - ???


Enjoy :wave:
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