[MIX] Nine50 - Corinthian Summer 2009 Promo Mix [MP3]


Nine50 - Corinthian Summer 2009 Promo Mix


1. Lettuce - Alone (Kubatko Remix) [CORCD002]
2. Trench [DZK] - Fade Out [CORFS001]
3. Dirrrty B - She is a Lady [CORCD001]
4. Subway Funk - Morning City [forthcoming COR036]
5. Drumlinezz - Velvet [COR032]
6. Wreckage Machinery - Not More Than Dust [forthcoming COR034]
7. Subway Funk - Summer Again [forthcoming COR037]
8. Custom Soldierz - Surya [CORCD002]
9. Skynet - Eastern Promise [COR_V001]
10. Axi - Metamorphia (Skynet Remix) [COR_V002]
11. Axi - Raptor Attack [COR_V001]
12. Night Ship - Punch Drunk Dub (Variant Remix) [CORCD002]
13. Wax Project Laboratory - S.A.R.A [CORCD002]
14. Surora - Blue Planetary Night [CORCD002]
15. The Square & Dirrrty B - Falling [CORCD001]
16. Jason K - An Autumn Offering [CORCD002]
17. Surora - Light Being [CORCD001]
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Corinthian Recordings is a DNB label based in Atlanta, GA USA. We have been in operation since 2005. Currently we have over 55 tracks releases in digital, CD, and Flash Stick formats.

If your interested in any of the tracks in the mix, they can be purchased from our site:


We are now being distributed through L.O.A.D Media. Look for our physical releases in all the usual shops in the next few months as well as digital releases.

Make sure to check out our first VINYL release which is featured in this mix:

Skynet - Eastern Promise [COR_V001A]
Axi - Raptor Attack [COR_V001AA]

Big thanks to NINE50 for this mix and the artwork to support it. He is one of our newer DJs and fast being coming an Atlanta favorite.