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Sep 4, 2008
Last night, I couldn't sleep (f*ck that night btw) and I began to think about a new thread and there I come! (interesting one I know.. huhu)

I was wondering if u were listening to some deep & atmospheric mix to fall asleep..

My fav is definitely a Scott Allen's one called "Lunar Eclipse"

Here's the tracklisting ; only amazing deep-atmo tracks :

ASC-“Critical Orbit” (Red Mist)

Chris J-“Planet Girl” (Covert Operations)

Tactile-"Antarctica” (Levitated)

Motive Within-“Perpetual Dreaming” (Red Mist)

Element-“Lost & Alone” (Red Mist)

Lm1-“Digital Dream” (Covert Operations)

KM & Paralyzah-“Nega” (Covert Operations)

Lm1 & Indigo Sync-“Remote Justice” (Red Mist)

Void-“Empyrean”[ICR Remix] (Red Mist)

ICR-“Sinking Again” (Modern Urban Jazz)

Seba-“Blaze and Fade Out” (Combination)

Specific-“Down to You” (Sonorous)

..but the link to download it is dead. (useless I know :/)
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Ambient mix from last year... I've done a few...

I made this mix for a co-worker who has been a huge influence on my life and just left work because she is pregnant. This is music for sleepless nights, music to help put a newborn to sleep, and music to cuddle up as a family and feel lucky.

Hold On To Your Children
1. DJ Olive - Sleep (Edit) - Room40 (From the album "Sleep")
2. Stars Of The Lid - Ballad of Distances (Part 1) - Kranky (From the album "The Tired Sounds of Stars Of The Lid)
3. Shirk - Half Awake - Southfacing (From the album "The Long Game")
4. Jasper TX - And Still A Tiny Light - Pumpkin Seeds In The Sand (From the album "In A Cool Monsoon")
5. Hammock - Elm - Darla Records (From the album "Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow")
6. Quosp - Green - U-Cover CD-R Limited (From the album "Soundscapes I")
7. Aphex Twin - Rhubarb - Warp (From the album "Selected Ambient Works vol. 2")
8. Milieu - Orange Peel Downers - Milieu Music (From the album "A Dusty Box Of Old Memories")
9. Yellow6 - Last Saturday - Make Mine Music (From the album "When The Leaves Fall Like Snow")
10. Rameses III - Origins II - Important Music (From the album "Basilica")
11. Slow Dancing Society - Never Ending - Hidden Shoal Recordings (From the album "The Slow and Steady Winter")
12. M83 - Midnight Souls Still Remain - Mute (From the album "Saturdays = Youth")
13. Eluvium - Hymn #1 - Temporary Residence, Ltd. (From the album "Copia")



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