[MIX mp3] Tes la Rok & Didier | Bassradio 22/06/09

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    Dubstep radio mix MP3 - Tes La Rok & Didier.


    Dubstep radio mix MP3 - Tes La Rok & Didier on bassradio

    Tracklist :

    ---- TES LA ROK after the mental weekend mode ---

    Mode Records promo
    Matty G - Turf Wars (dubplate)
    Distinction & Kromestar - Zzzapahh (Noppa 004 Test Press)
    Tes La Rok - Inta (Dubplate)
    Desto - Ice Cold (Dubplate)
    Mala - Blue Notes (DMZ)
    Von D - Truth [Tes rmx] (Black Acre)
    ?? - ?? (r.i.n.s.e.d Dubplate) forthcomin on WAR
    TRG - After Hours (Dubplate)
    Smoka Jokah (r.i.n.s.e.d Dubplate) Forthcomin on WAR
    Tes La Rok - Bwooy (Noppa)

    ---- DIDIER special 60min !!!DUB!!! SET ----

    Little interview in finnish.. Test press of Soul:Lion Dub 002
    to one who is able to translate it in english.. haha

    ---- TES LA ROK Where's my beer mode ----

    Hijak - Babylon Timewarp (Deep Medi)
    Tes La Rok - We Nah Run (Soul:Lion Dubs 001)
    Tes La Rok - What's That Device (Soul:Lion Dubs 002)
    Gatekeeper Special (Dubplate)
    Tes La Rok - Sounbwoy Murderation (Dubplate)
    Gatekeeper - ? - (Dubplate)
    Goth Rad - Recovery Remix (Dubplate)

    112mb| 128kbs | 1hours 59minutes 57secs

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    See Tes La Rok LIVE in London at "Your Time" and "Disfigured Dubz" EP release party on the 18th July.
    Venue: The Den and Centro (Previously called THE END CLUB / AKA)
    Address: 18 West Central St London, WC1A 1JJ



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