DnB [MIX] MMX's December DnB Session


Jan 17, 2010
A bit of a 'darkside-vocal sandwich' this month:

01. Noisia - Could This Be [mau5trap]
02. Chris SU - Promises [Sun & Bass Recordings]
03. Mute & Mako - Essential Forms [Mars]
04. Technicolour - Saviour [Free download]
05. Bcee - Guilty [Spearhead]
06. Blu Mar Ten feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - Whisper [Blu Mar Ten]
07. Temple Cloud - One Big Family (Hybrid Minds Remix) [Free download]
08. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Garden (Calibre Remix) [Nice Age]
09. Submatic feat. Albert Tempel - Think About [Soundtrax]
10. Lynx feat. Deezim & Fats - All For You [Detail Recordings]
11. Amoss - Splitface [Horizons Music]
12. Verbal - Hope [Dephrecords]
13. Little Dragon - Little Man (Calyx & Teebee Remix) [Peacefrog Recordings]
14. Cragz & Parallel - Future Shock (Jubei Remix) [Product Recordings]
15. Lynx - Horror Ball [Soronous Music]
16. Random Movement feat. Ben Soundscape - Many Things [Intrigue Music]
17. Curfew - Asylum [Bad Taste]
18. SPY & Fierce - Borderline [Quarantine]
19. Foreign Concept - Mob Justice [Critical]
20. Arp XP - Winter In Sardinia [Sun & Bass Recordings]

Download: http://soundcloud.com/mmxbreaks/mmx-dnbtactics-podcast/download
Stream: http://soundcloud.com/mmxbreaks/mmx-dnbtactics-podcast#play
few notes to stave off work :)

> could this be - good track! doesn't deserve all the 'its on mau5trap so its shit' malarkey i dont think
> promises - nice blend
> essential forms - such a tune, worked in well. vibes
> saviour - nice, like that the track was given time to build before introducing
> guilty - bass on this is mental, class
> whisper - lovely blend this one, loving it so far
> one big family - cool track, will have to get on it seen as its a free dl
> garden - yeah man this is vibes, love the build up
> think about - the drums over the top of garden sounds wicked, super clean. great blend. not a huge fan of the track on its own tho not sure it fits the sound of the mix so far
> all for you - i'm all about this track, one of my favourites of recent times
> spiltface - oh boiiii. large. great way to switch up into the more techy sounds
> hope - nice track
> little man - quality blend again, not a huge fan of those vocals but it works well for sure
> future shock - large track, reminds me i need to pick it up
> horror ball - nice
> many things - cool track
> asylum - nice
> borderline - sick track this one proper rinse out. man i need to get that quarantine album
> mob justice - very nice blend this one, drums work well. course its a great track as well
> winter in sardinia - nice set ender

you've made it very hard for anyone to dislike this mate, covers most genres, mixing is very on point, great and varied selection. enjoyed both the liquid and dark halves of the mix... very well played sir. always a pleasure!
really enjoyed all ur previous mixes and this one looks just as hot!
will get on this mate!
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