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Sep 2, 2003

wassup folks, right click save target as (you know the drill)

some old some new,


this is kind of a love/hate story

spellbound/ms. fat booty- spirit/ mos def (thirteen mashup)
take my- influx datum
bittersweet- the insiders
basement track- high contrast
transmetropolitan- abstract
up to you- layo & bushwacka (roni size mix)
makes me wonder- calibre
get up- insiders
confidence- abstract
snoot- capone
rollerball- die
sidewinder- special forces
will you change?- blue sonix
synthetix- die
knight rider- digital
run the place red- the bug (afx mix)
hey hey- suv
love story- layo & bushwacka (dKay bootleg mix)

more where that came from @
hip hop, breaks, house, dnb.

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