Mix Competition - Want to Play in Berlin for Humanoid?


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Jan 13, 2015
Hi all,

we’re re-launching our DJ contest and giving you the opportunity to play with us in Berlin when the current situation returns to normal a bit, and we can get back to the clubs again. We’re taking submissions from both techno and drum and bass djs, so find the rules for the contest below and let’s make something good out of this.

1) The mix must be Ca. 1 hour long (10 mins +/-).
2) We’re accepting mixes for both drum and bass and techno, and will choose a winner from both genres.
3) You must submit the mix by midnight (00:00) on 1st May 2020.
4) Your submission must include the competition artwork as the mix image. Download the image from this link -> https://bit.ly/3amIPSj
5) Your mix must be shared on your SoundCloud account and tagged with the title “Humanoid Berlin 2020 Mix Competition Submission”
6) Email your mix submission (the SoundCloud link) to info@humanoiddnb.org
7) You are free to share your mix as much as you like once you’ve uploaded it.
8) The winning DJs will win the opportunity to play at one of our forthcoming parties (the date and set time that the winner plays on will be decided between Humanoid and the winning artists, as well as travel, place to stay etc).
9) Mixes will be judged on track selection and mixing skills.
10) We will announce the winners before the 18th May.

More information about us and the event:

Good luck!

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