Mix by Airstrike - July 2013

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    Hello, I actually forgot I had an account on here... bookmarked so hopefully now I can check in more often

    Here's a mix by myself with some of my own tracks that you might be hearing elsewhere pretty soon, and some new bits from LM1, DuoScience, Naibu and some oldies also thrown in for good measure. It starts off a bit atmospheric jungly, then goes into a sorta high energy vocal thing, then it goes completely random :cool: but I hope you dig it either way.

    Rio Sinuoso Penso - Airstrike & Rainforest
    Expressions - Odyssey
    Universal Tribe - Rainforest
    Afraid This Time (LM1 Remix) - Celldweller
    Silence is too much - Evasion
    Searching (Break Remix) - Jinadu & Nitri
    When The Sun Goes Down (Dillinja Mix) - Adam F & Fresh
    Let It Be (DJ Marky & S.P.Y Remix) - Artificial Intelligence & Steo
    Sinai - DuoScience
    Reset - Edward Oberon & Need For Mirrors
    Pandorum - Frankee
    Right Here - Ulterior Motive
    Frozen feat. Allison Gray - Airstrike
    Dangerous Liaison - Zero Tolerance & Alix Perez
    Summertime Hustle - Kasper
    Universe - Makoto & Danny Wheeler
    Money Maker (Duoscience Remix) - Motta
    The Touch (Sabre Remix) - Mortem
    The Sign - Philth & Dubz D
    When It Drop (Cuts by Lone Wolf) - Reso
    Harlequin - Frankee
    Mosquito - Enei
    87 Skybolt - Airstrike
    M31 (LM1 Remix) - Okee
    Inversion (Naibu Remix) - LM1 & Kharm
    We Know Where You Live - Airstrike
    Gank - LeStR
    Memories Lost - Arkaik
    ? - Airstrike
    Sun Rising - Andy Sim & Blade
    Chloe's Exodus - Loz Contreras
    So This Is Love - Essence of Aura
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