mite buy one of these when i g et back to darwin...


dirty breaks

I presume that you like the female variety of the human species?

where are your bitches gonna sit?

its just there ain't no back seats for your bitches.


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You got right into the aussie ways the man?
yea cuzzy bro lol

just a quick note. its not a vauxhall, its GM.

and its a V8 RWD with no weight on the back so lots of fun. and yes the back will be used for random bodies. kangaroos, goana, aboriginals.

men and women in oz drive there own cars.. and we all go to the pub.. we don't sit down the local train station car park in our novas wiv jailbait in the passenger seat. thats so 2003.

also from what i can tell in that pic, the lisence plate is a dealer advertisement...... cuzz