miszmasz (july mix)


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Hi there mates!
i'm providing a link to my new mix, a bit twisted collection of tunes. hope you'll like it. any comments and suggestions r welcome.
timing: 82 mins.
zero t feat. icicle + steo - go 4 yours (c.i.a. rec.)
zero t - speak low (v records)
spirit - scrabble v.i.p. (interactive music)
s.p.y. - obession (advance//d)
phase & misanthrop - mammoth (neosignal)
random movement - sabina (innerground records)
zero t - angel heart (c.i.a. rec.)
axiom - sputnik (close 2 death)
x-plorer & dee'pulse - joker (shake up)
random movement - lesson & aftermath (deepkut/c.i.a. rec.)
tiki - always on my mind (zero t & mosus remix) (v records)
zero t feat. alix perez - threads (c.i.a. rec.)
calibre - savannah heat (signature records)
mistabishi - the light's really bad (hospital rec.)
spirit - fall (interactive music)
ill logic+raf geat. spoonface - the price (hospital rec)
zero t - why would you (c.i.a. rec)
die - drop bear (full cycle/bucks music)
phace & noisia - sore point (neosignal)
calibre - into the groove (signature records)
peter rogers - le corbusier (technicolour production)
ill logic + raf - we are now (hospital rec.)

track is high quality (320 kbs), 180 mb, it's on my private server. u can dl it or listen online as well. here's the link:


and again - thanx 4 comments!