Mistical “Eleventh Hour” on Soul:R


Its all a scam so start stealing
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This long awaited LP from this mighty trio (Calibre, Marcus Intalex, and ST Files) won’t disappoint. Kicking off with the title track, you can hear they have put a lot of time into this LP. Using huge timpani drums and clever arrangements, they create something new. Hard though it may be to make new rhythms and keep them rolling, they have achieved it. MC DRS drops provocative lyrics about the direction of the scene. “Mistical Solution” Is a huge roller. A hurting sub and smooth vocals have had the dancefloors calling for more, and rightly so. “Believe” brings a deep vibe. Rich strings soar above calming chords. A soulful vocal joins the catching melody. The sub is huge; it oozes from the speaker. A seriously heavy track, without loosing its soul.
“Natasha” shows that its not just beats and bass, but real music. Their arrangement of violins, grand pianos, and alto sax sound like a jazz band. It’s a beautiful sound, and no doubt its something you’ll be able to appreciate no matter what you like to hear. “Stay Away” is woeful love song. Its’ compelling listening. The sound goes back to the roots; a simple TB 808 sub booms under the vocals. It sounds just like it should.
A quality release to start of the year, let’s hope it gets the plays it deserves.