Mistanoize Presents - Amendment Live #001


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#001 Release 30th July
Mistanoize Presents - Amendment Live

New podcast series hosting mixes from the finest DJs over the forthcoming months including a club event starting early next year



Pure Gold ft Kemo (Vocal Only) Calyx & TeeBee
I Got 5 On It (Instrumental) - Luniz
Perfect World - Rene LaVice
Planet Dust - Bad Company
Block Control - Noisia
Takeover - Command Strange
F**k It Up - Hamilton
Killa Bees (InsideInfo Remix) - Usual Suspects
Heatwave - Gridlok
Terminate - Dom & Roland
Titan Ram - Trilogy
Mythos - InsideInfo & Mefjus
Forgiven - Ulterior Motive feat Peta Oneir
SPY - Xenmorph
Gallows - Need For Mirrors
Waxed - Dkay And DJ Lee
Skull and Bones - Dabs
Marka (feat. Strategy) - Dub Phizix & Skeptical
Dreadnaught (VIP) Ft SP MC - Icicle
Artisan Vip - Lomax
Whiplash (Verb Remix) - Future Cut
Whiplash Original - Future Cut
Understand (VIP) FT Sam Wills - Optiv & BTK
The Plague (Hive Remix) - Keaton & Hive
Bear Trap - Lenzman
Inferno - Callide
Strange Science - Phace
Swag - DC Breaks
Dat Riddim - Dez
Target (Original) - Optiv & BTK
Headlock - Rene LaVice
Chains - Bass Antics & Nino
Dark Soldier Back In The Day Mix - Ray Keith
I Dont Know Why (Dabs Remix) - Eastcolors
Too Late - Bungle
Natural Selection -Livewire
My Trade - TK
Be There - Loadstar
Silent Type - The Vibe
DJ Die - Something Special
Renegade Snares - Omni Trio
Breaking Point - Ultra
Nightcrawler - Bone
Carrier - Fierce & Cause 4 Concern
Bandits - BTK & Mindscape
Matter - Bazil
Detroit - Rockwell
Hard Noize - Dillinja
Watch Out - Cabin Fever Uk
Horribly Ribbed (VIP) - Donny & Audio
Fusion - Bladerunner
Peep Show (Original Mix) - Cause4Concern
Stakka & Skynet - Bios fear
Minimal Funk (VIP) - Icicle
Jam Thieves & Young G - Feral dog care
Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica Edit) - Digital & Spirit
Bass II Dark - Asylum
She Said - Emperor
This Is How We Do It (Accapella) - Montell Jordan
Brown Paper Bag (Full Vocal Version) - Roni Size
Drop By Drop - Paul B
Radar - Emperor
Edit - Cargo Dub (Total Science Remix)
Signs - Badmarsh & shri
Start To Fade - Cabin Fever Uk feat Evasion
Logistics - Colourwheel
Hypnotize k-Tee
Back To Your Roots - Jonny L
Time Tripping - DJ Hazard
Delirious - Artificial Intelligence
Steam Train - Break
Tombraider - Fresh
Com Mon Decimal Bass & Konichi
Original Nuttah U.K. Apachi & Shy FX
Gold Mental Power
Flintstone Frankee
True Romance - D Bridge
Drop Bear - DJ Die
Messiah - Konflict
The Rat (Kemal Remix) - Black Sun Empire
Babylon Gridlok & Prolix
Horns 2000 (Dylan Remix) - Future Cut
LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
Elevate This Sound - Calyx & TeeBee
Another Star - Villem & MCLeod
Still Waiting - Total Science
JAM - Gang Related
Midnight (M.I.S.T VIP Remix) - Un-Cut
Walk This Land (Lock Stock Full Length Mix) - E-Z Rollers
All Aboard - Dillinja
Everybody In The Place (Fairground Remix) - The Prodigy
Get Out My Head - Redlight
Music Takes You (Original) - Blame
We Are I.E - Lennie de Ice
On A Ragga Tip (Original) - SL2
Smack My Bitch Up (Original) - The Prodigy
Busta Rhymes - Gimme some mo


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Not about as much as i used to be on here anymore... but hope everyone actually checks this
Get it on your i pods it may change your life

Shouts to the all the crew dem x


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Intro was just insane, think its the first time Iv heard you play 3 tunes at the same time aswell..
Great to hear Wax'd - everything is so clean and tight.. the vocal switch between Icicle & Lomax was smart
The whole bit around Dat Riddem was crazy, tunes coming out of no where
ID of track at 46:40 please ?

Be there >> The Vibe with the heavy basslines after that were great and the way Renegade Snares came in, I would of headbutted someone if I was in the dance
- on Be There you put the track name then artist, just thought id mention
Loved the mixes surrounding Carrier and the tune into Detroit eurgh !! the EQin and switch !!
Great hear Skynet and Stakka - not heard the VIP of Minimal Funk either so that was jazzy
THE BASS TO DARK ! argh !! you naughty f**ker and later This is How we Do it haha sick
followed by some steppy bits which blended well, the way that Cabin Fever tune came in and then with Signs was bliss
then picking the pace back up with Back to Your Roots mix from there was rolling, liked that section upto Original Nuttah, and feel its going to get heavy now..
and i was right, that whole section was power, now Messiah ! Up to the 2 hour mark and MIST is here to keep me going and to hear Walk This Land, im glad I hung about , great ending to the mix with the likes of the Prodigy, full enjoyed it


Suffragette City..
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Oh lawdy we're in epic country. Beowulff imo.

Better not let The Watch see that or he's going to need to take the week off work to review it!


Circles are Pointless
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Had this on repeat for the past few days, love the intro build up, nothing too long to kill the mood off completley but definitely sets the tone for whats to come.

Big big mix.