Mistabishi - Drop


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Sep 27, 2007
Got this one, I'm lovin it. Really unique style he's got; Printer Jam is unbeleivable! Big up Mistabishi!


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Feb 10, 2008
Croydon, UK / Perth
I know man, the lyrics? Is it like about an incest brother and sister or something :uberlaugh?

haha yeah man the lyrics are pretty disturbing, as soon as i heard it i was wondering how the hell he came up with them, the sick little puppy.

"we used to love each other like a sister and a brother and it used to be so sweet and lovely, but then i discovered your secret little cupboard and the things inside just shocked me. but i learnt to like it and it feels so right with my feet tied up in the air. eat me. drink me. damage me. beyond repair...

...it was a slippery slope, and when you started to choke i said, 'hey this ain't rock and roll'. so you woke up dead at the foot of my bed, with your head tied up in the air. i made you. i drank you. i damaged you, beyond repair..."
what. the. fuck?!

wicked tune though. heaven's sake, the light's really bad & white collar grime are really good too. actually, fuck it, pretty much the whole album is sick! only ones i'm not too keen on are wipe your tears and the album version of no matter what... WRRRY?!


A. Tiran
May 31, 2007
South London
i listened to previews of every track on the album, and i must say i wasnt that impressed..
some of the tunes just seem a bit dry, and i still dont understand why he changed the vocals of no matter what to sound so so SHIT.

but you lot are all raving about it so maybe i'll have another listen.
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