Missing Teddy


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My daughter has lost her treasured bear 'Boz' on Tuesday 26th August at around lunch-time. We think he fell down under a bench by the side of the Thames between Tower Bridge and London Bridge whilst we were having lunch.

We had just walked down from Monument to the river.

We came back 30 minutes later once we realised he was missing but he was nowhere to be seen.

He has no commercial value but is very missed. A small reward is offered for his safe return.
send them a message, and post it here so we can read it, mine was:

"he came into the pub where i work, the Red Lion in Ealing, but i had to refuse him a drink because he didnt have any ID. I then had to ask him to leave after he became abusive to some customers, last I saw i think he was walking in the direction of the bus stop"



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Well I as walking down the road an I could see some bushes moving.

I looked closer and I could see a Teddy breathing deeply.

I went over, and it was alive! He then spoke softly and said "Help, Gargamel is after me." I was a bit stunned, but managed to mutter "Gargamel? Isn't he off the smurfs?"

"Yes, but they're now extinct thanks to him, so now he's after us teddies" the teddy replied. I renamed him Kenneth by the way. Then, out of nowhere, Gargamel appeared with a net.

"Step back, he's mine" he snarled at me. I was like "Woah, wtf dude? I don't want him, but it's unfair that you're capturing him. He seems a top lad." Suddenly, he lunged at me, and we had an epic fight which ended with me lifting up the drain cover and slamming it on his head untill he was dead.

The teddy just chucked me a fiver and said "Cheers bro" before skipping off. But he skipped into the road and got run over by a bus :(

So I feel your pain :(