[Minoru] New Track (first Version)


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Smooth percussion work mate!
Nice synth sounds, rise to the drop is really cool. :D
The drop itself is not that sick as I hoped it would be, I expected more bass.

T Leaf

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this is mental. Lovely structuring and elements. just needs a bit of a tidy up in its mixdown and mastering. the drums dont really have much middle. I think the elements are all fighting for the same room at the top end, try and clarify where things are a bit more. emphasize :) great job though mate. nice arpegiation/gating in this too
I don't know...maybe the rise to the drop is a little too big, I've tried out many drops and throwed the ideas away. That drop was the only one, which seemed good to me after that rise, although not perfect...still have some ideas on changing it a little. But I'm sure there must be a drop and I'll find it, which is also that big;)
Gonna work on it...

Anyway, what do you mean with, "theres a lack of Bass after drop?", is it because of the Mixdown, or just because of the Music?
I really don't know how to get more Bass into the Mix, got one Subbass (Sinewave) at ~50Hz Lowpassed and another Bass (Saw) one octave higher Highpassed and Sidechained with the Kick, both are quite loud in the Spectrum.
Also got many Sounds working together in the Drumsection, must be something around 20 Samples, most of it Hi Hats and Ghost hits...gonna clear it out a little in the High end.
Anyway, I really have big probs with getting a good Mixdown, i just don't have the equipment, but i'm getting better, I hope:)