Drum & Bass Minor Rain / Kyrist / Clima / Boycot - The Underpass EP pt.3 - Dust Audio - Out Now

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    Various Artist - The Underpass EP pt.3
    Label: Dust Audio Digital
    Cat no: duadigi008
    Format: wav/ mp3/ flac
    Release date: Monday 2nd September 2013
    Distribution: Triple Vision

    Purchase from:

    a: Minor Rain - Distortia
    b: Kyrist - Emerged
    c: Boycot - Laserblack
    d: Clima - Tension

    The Underpass EP pt.3 - Dust Audio Digital

    Dust Audio present the 3rd episode of the Underpass EP, Nearly a year has passed since the first edition and we thought it was about time to drop number 3!
    We welcome Minor Rain back to dust audio who drops Distortia, and the man from Slovakia (who’s making some serious waves in recent months) brings his brand of twisted funk and tech goodness to Dust Audio.
    Opening up proceedings with a sinister string he drops the filth in a way that only Minor Rain can. Twisting the lead synth, techno stabs, screeching filters and pure moving Bass on top of some extra tight drums and percussion which makes a major impact. This roller has everything and more, Dancefloors beware because this will hurt from beginning to end.
    Minor Rain drops his next vinyl release on dust audio in the very near future...
    Kyristfrom London drops Emerged on us. With its extra solid kick and gaguantion bassline this will make you listen. Skipping hats sit perfectly over the two step drums, 808 thumps and tricky little side slides add to the presence. A tune that has been heavily rotated by lots of A league dj’s, watch out from Kyrist who is bound to make a massive impression in 2013 and beyond. Killer tune.
    Boycotsfirst ever release and we are happy to have it on Dust Audio, Switchblack. A lonely but full figured string welcomes you in before the drums kick in. Rolling at a high pace alongside some lovely trance esque stabs before the drums slowly fade out into the distance just long enough to add the suspence before dropping back in with the droning bass and high passed amens. With its distorted stabs placed on top intricately making its way in and out like a snake weaving in and out of a jungle over growth.
    A wicked debut from this German producer, Listen out for more on dust audio in the near future.
    Just a few weeks after Clima release When in Rains it Pours Ep on our subsidiary label, Turbine Music they step it up a level with the aptly named, Tension.
    The dub loving duo from Spain finish the EP off in great style, the hypnotic sci fi leaning intro builds quickly and after 32 bars it drops into some serious 808 bass weight. Alongside a rolling hand clap and ultra tight bongos this is for headz that like it serious. Beeps and sweeps keep things interesting without killing that hypnotic and twisted outlook. A tune as soon as we heard we knew we had to release it.
    Clima will be working very close with Dust Audio in the coming months with more tunes on the digital and the duo’s first Vinyl release already in the works.

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    Re: Minor Rain / Kyrist / Clima / Boycot - The Underpass EP pt.3 - Dust Audio - Out N

    Emerged is freaking huuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!!

    Bagging this, just like I did with pt. 2!

    Big ups Dust Audio