**MINIMIX - 8 mins - 13 tunes - GO**


Bounce Records
Feb 24, 2009
Hi folks:

I thought I'd post this on here for you guys, little minimix I did recently. First time Ive tried the format and kinda had fun doing it. Here's the trackilsting. links down the bottom. One hosted by Skeez MC and one without MC. take your pick.


Enei - Sega - Bounce Dub
Lomax - Faith Massive - Ram
Chase and Staus - Smash TV - Ram
Serum - Selecta - Jump
Roughcut - A Dub Tune - Bounce dub
Interface - Get Low - Audio Zoo dub
Lomax - Artisan VIP - Ram
Jnr Blue - Ooh Aah - Bounce Dub
Break - Headz Up - Metalheadz
Roughcut - Soldier - Bounce Dub
Steppa & Kitcha - Come Down - Calypso Muzak
Iron Fist - Call in Sick - Sappo presents Advisory
Lomax - Avon Calling - Ram

Big ups.



Direct links ****
hahah.. nah man. But they would probably say the same thing! haha.. plus you are more likely to get feedback if you post in there bro..

its on the d/l anyway

Nah, I'm just appealing for a mod to move it innit.

'sall good.

I didnt even realise there was a mix section, I gots this page bookmarked and I'm not very adventurous.

sweet, hope yo enjoy int
I just did it in Logic.

was pretty simple once I'd got the bpms matched, bit of volume and eq automation, Bobs your Uncle.
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