DnB Minimal techy drum & bass wip (with a working link this time)


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Mar 7, 2013
Repost because the first thread had a faulty link.

Hey guys, i'm working on a track, i only made the general sketch for now, it's fairly minimal. But i wonder though if apart for some polish and variation, does this track really need more elements added ? Or does it work on its own? I'm guessing it depends on the soundsystem. I'll probably add texture to the sub bass though.
Please tell me how you feel about it, if you take the time to listen :) All kind of criticism and advices are appreciated!
Thank you guys

Here's the audio clip

Mike Z

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Sep 26, 2018
Sounds cool. The sub is really cool, the kick sounds a bit detached to me at some points. Snare and perc are interesting and go nicely with the rest.
Looking forward to see where you end up with this :)
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