DnB Minimal DNB Production Competition - 2018/2019


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Jan 9, 2014
Welcome to the official thread for the 2018/2019 Minimal Drum & Bass production competition!
This is the most flexible and open set of rules we've had in a while, and hopefully it helps you guys be even more creative than you already were with just the sample packs alone.

1st Prize: Focusrite Midnight Plugin Suite
Provided by the one and only @Rounder RG

1. You may only use the sounds from the sample packs provided.
- You may edit the samples in any shape, way, or form that you desire, but your song must consist only of sounds from the sample pack, the Two Additional Elements, and unlimited vocal tracks. More details about these below. Granular synthesis is fine.
- If you are challenged by a judge to re-construct an edit that you have made to a sample, and you cannot perform said reconstruction, you are disqualified! So, keep your resamples, and effects chains, etc. We've never had to challenge someone in the past, but that doesn't mean it can't happen!

2. In addition to the provided sample pack, you may add any Two Additional Elements of your choosing. To clarify, you can add (2) x (30-second-element) of your choice.
These can be 2 samples, 2 synth instances, 2 field recordings, a kick drum, a tom roll, the sound of you screaming at the dentist, whatever you want. A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G.
- You must play a one shot of each of these elements at the end of your submitted file. Not doing so is an instant disqualification! If you have a pad, hold a note for the entirety of the pad. If you add a drum element, play the drum hit once.
- If you want to use a 30-second long field recording, then chop it into a million bits and scatter the processed pieces of it through your track, you can! Just ensure that the original, unedited recording is included at the end of your song.

3. You may ALSO add as many sung, spoken word or rap vocal tracks as you like! They can be sample based, or recorded on your own.
PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN NOT reprocess vocal recordings into sound effects and include them in this category of sound. You CAN include those types of edits as part of your "2 additional elements". To be considered a "vocal" element, your sound, when solo'd, must still be easily comprehensible. Please use English lyrics/spoken word only.
- If you want to record 5 part harmony, go for it!
- If you want to import a cool set of vocals vocal you found on Splice/Youtube/etc, you can do that!
- If you want to create a vintage dialogue out of 25 different old movie slices and then mash em together into a sentence, you can do this!
- You may NOT beatbox/make whooshy noises with your mouth/create sound effects with your mic. You may include these options as part of your "2 additional elements" if you so desire.
- You may NOT reprocess these vocals into sound effects! They must remain vocal tracks! IF you do reprocess them into sound effects [i.e. the judges cannot make out what the person is saying in the vocal track, when the track is solo'd], it will count as an "additional element", and not a vocal.


The contest opens: December 26th, 2018
The contest closes: February 6th, 2019​

We will then have 1 week of open voting for all members of the forum. These votes will determine our Top 5 tracks. Those top 5 tracks will then be passed along to our judges, who will work off of the following criteria to rate your track out of a maximum score of 35.

1. Production Quality - (does it sound pro?) - 10 points
2. Likeness to Genre - (does it sound like minimal dnb?) - 5 points
3. Composition Originality & Creative use of Samples - 10 points
4. Arrangement - (how well does the song flow?) - 10 points

The judges (Xiris, Leniz, Evezdroppin, SteveR94) will also have 1 week to listen to and judge your tracks. The winner will be announced February 20th, 2019.

If you have any questions, please DM @xiris, but please read over the rules again before doing so.

Don't forget to include the 1-shots of any external sounds you have added (read the rules for clarification)
SoundCloud, download-enabled links are the ONLY way to submit your track.

Examples of Minimal DNB
these HeartDrive mixes are exquisite examples of what i'm looking for! Great find @Manu Forti , thank you for sharing and saving me hours of time! These mixes provide a great overview of the area of drum & bass i'd like you guys to dive into. These mixes are not a How-To-Win guide, just an overview to hopefully give you guys some inspiration.

https://soundcloud.com/heartdrive%2F05-void-response The whole vibe of this mix seems to illustrate my minimal definition quite well. The opening 7 minutes, and then from 45:00 to 52:00 are great "non-traditional" examples of minimal dnb.

https://soundcloud.com/heartdrive%2F04-format-affection This is also a great example of the parameters i'd like you guys to sit in, especially the first 25:00 or so minutes, then again from 45:00 onwards.

Best of luck ladies and gentlemen!

- Xiris, JoJabes and Manu Forti (your sample pack creators)
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Jan 3, 2014
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I'm on this. I do have exams in January, but I should be able to pull something off this time, since minimal is my thang.

Some examples would be great though yeah, minimal can be interpreted very broadly


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Jul 28, 2006
Cool. I'll see what I can do with the pack. Interested to hear what the definition of minimal will be!

Manu Forti

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Mar 8, 2007
Wow, calm down there buddy. Im not joking nor-complaining. PM me if you are pissed. Just trying to work out some details.
Haha, ill PM ya alright. Dick pics for days...

I was joking of course?

Anyway, Autonomic was exactly what I have in mind when I think minimal. But I haven't been up on that scene for ages.

Sure i described it before tbh but id say the judges will be thinking about Dynamics and Sound Design on this one.

As i mentioned though, im not judging so im not sure.

Gonna make a start now infact, like this idea where we can use 2 non pack sources.
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