MINIBRUTE: Firmware Update

Discussion in 'Production' started by lostnthesound, Jun 23, 2014.

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    It only took well over a year to release, but Arturia finally has released the sought after firmware update for the Minibrute. Strangely, they did not alert registered users about this update nor did they include it in their newsletter for some strange reason...I happen to come across it by chance and thought I'd share the news because numerous issues have been addressed:

    116314: Can not Start on MacOSX with a guest account
    114150: changing Midi In channel fixed
    114304: compatibility with Ipad
    114317: Arpeggiator does not retrig LFO in LFO retrig mode
    115427: crash when long sysex are received

    Compatibility with MiniBruteSE.
    114256: Local ON/OFF supported.
    116227: added octave -3 setting (by pressing octave - one more time).
    116249: Tap tempo detection enhanced.
    Added CC support for MiniBrute Connection parameters (see user manual).

    Grab the firmware update here.

    Now we just need Novation to get off their asses and release their much discussed firmware update for the sexy Bass Station 2. Hopefully to correct the external MIDI/Arp bug and enable a knob assignment for adjusting parameters rather than having to press the damn preset buttons...but I digress.