Label Mindstorm- In the Zone/Gangsta Music VIP OUT NOW!

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    Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Today sees the release of the Mindstorm single ' In the Zone/ Gangsta Music VIP' on Extent Recordings.

    Both tracks are Neuro and very funky to say the least! Mindstorm who is also owner of Mindstorm Recordings brings the Extent Recordings Group some Neuro, Funky Slap and Tickle, Drum n' Bass to the public and trust us, these tracks are fresh!!!

    In the Zone is a very racey neuro track that has very slappy snares that we all seem to love and combined with Funky bassline patterns and delicious Stabs, this is sure set to please at any DnB rave across the World!

    Gangsta Music VIP is also a Neuro Funk track and like it's title, it has a very 70's gangster music feel to it! The track is deep and I can imagine Clint Eastwood suddenly making an appearence saying " Go ahead Punk, make my Day!" Gangsta Music VIP oozes with Funk and this is a must for neuro DJ's on the circuit!

    You can check both track sout on soundcloud on:

    The tracks are also available to purchase from every good music store online such as Beatport, HMV Music, i Tunes, Juno and Many more!

    Here are a few links:

    Thank you for the support and we at The Extent recordings group wish you all a fantastic week!

    One Love!

    The Extent Recordings Group.