Mindscape - Phantoms EP - Blackout

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    It’s Blackout’s turn again to make some noise on a neurofunk scene. We’ll delve deeply into the disquieting sci-fi motives on board with Mindscape. We’ve got four tracks with some alien basslines coming from the vast nothingness of space that emulate a horrifying experience of being alone in a middle of nowhere, while only receiving some rare and distant signals from Kryptomedic. Just by having a look at the great artwork you catch all the cosmic vibes as you begin your incredibly atmospheric trip into some of the most atmospheric productions out there.

    20 releases after, the label has surely developed a huge devoted fan base and overall a very stable frontline position on the neurofunk horizon and it’s good to see that with time it only gets better. We can’t wait to see what they’ve prepared for the rest of the year.

    Release Date: 30 August 2015

    Catalogue Number: BLCKTNL020

    Label: Blackout Music NL

    Audio : http://displace.audio/mindscape-phantoms-ep/

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