Mindrush Mixed Emotions Volume 1 - two free mixes!

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    As its christmas here at Mindrush we thought we would make you lot a bit of a drum n bass pressie...

    Mindrush mixed Emotions Volume One

    <Mixed Emotions - Part One - Mixed by Donny>

    A side (Hard & Heavy)

    Unreal – Recoil (Dylan & Loxy rmx) (Outbreak)
    Hellraizor - Universal Project & Vicious Circle (Universal Project)
    5th Dimenstion – Gridlock (Violence)
    The Definition – Hive (Violence)
    The Game – Donny (???)
    Tripwire – Silent Witness (DNAudio)
    3 Faces – Spor & Infiltrata (Barcode)
    Call to Arms – Evol Intent (Renegade Hardware)
    Loss of Self – Akuma (Mindrush Recordings)
    Hard as Fuck – Gridlock (Violence)
    MK Ultra – Amit (Commercial Suicide)
    Banshee – Gremlinz & Stranjah (Mindrush Recordings)
    Solitaire – Spirit (Metalheadz)
    Inner Sense - Dylan & Friction (Outbreak)
    I can’t take it - Menacer (Intasound)
    I found you – Audio (G2)
    Don’t Rush it – Silent Witness & Break (Metalheadz)
    Backbeat – Donny (???)
    Medievil Beating – Donny (Mindrush Recordings)
    Envious Eyes – B Key (Tech Itch)
    Haunted – Tech Itch (Penetration)
    Hide & Seek – Donny (Mindrush Recordings)
    Satinina – Limewax (Obscene)

    DOWNLOAD MIX HERE (right click and save as)

    <Mixed Emotions - Part Two - Mixed by Struktur>

    B side - (All about the beats)

    Destroyer - Deep Blue (Seba remix) (scale)
    Dilettantes - Nucleus & paradox (Esoteric)
    Filter - Fallout (3.14 Remix) (Streetbeats)
    Far Out - Digital (Remix) (Razor's Edge)
    Arcane - Nucleus & paradox (Esoteric)
    Swingers - Alpha Omega (Subvert Central Recordings)
    VCF - Alpha Omega (Reinforced)
    Phantom Force - Digital & Spirit (Phantom Audio)
    Demolition - Bug Nyme (Reinforced)
    Media - Skeptic (Eastsides)
    Bastion - D Bridge (Bingo)
    Warm Bass Rising - Social Security (Diagram)
    Surface Noise - Optiv & Fierce (Quarantine)
    Off Balance - Spirit (CIA)
    Move Y'All - D Kay (Bingo)

    DOWNLOAD MIX HERE (right click and save as)

    Merry christmas and a happy new year to ya all!

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