Mindmapper - ETRN 021 Suppressor ( Overlook & Need For Mirrors Remix)


Jun 13, 2007
https://soundcloud.com/eternia-music%2Fetrn-021-a The lone futurist Need for Mirrors takes care of the first of the bunch, courageously and wisely – transforming the Dutchman’s drum & bass power-ballad into a solid night opener or an early morning dancefloor resurrector, filled with delicate drums and basslines, catchy but not in the cheesy way. To cut the story short – it’s a must-hear track for any lover of sensual liquid and atmospheric dnb.

https://soundcloud.com/eternia-music%2Fetrn-021-b The darkside hero and Bournemouth’s very own Overlook turns his interpretation of “Suppressor” into a slowburning beast of organic drum & bass, which is Eternia’s cup of tea and bread’n’butter. Just listen to it, any time of the year, and you will find yourself in the deep woods of absolute and unforgettable catharsis.

Mastered by NotioN at Clear Conceptions.
Artwork by Mindaugas Gavrilovas / studiocryo.tumblr.com/

Release date: 17 February 2017

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