Mindmachine - Misfit EP (Architecture 012)


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This is actually an older double pack that came out over the summer (god I miss the summer!!!). I didn't pick it up then because there was only one tune on the whole thing that I liked. It just seems so damn wrong to buy a double pack if only one song is good. However I gave in and bought it just for "Bounce"

Mindmachine - Misfit EP (Architecture 012)

The tune "Misfit" sounds like it was slapped together without much thought or emotion. It sounds very simmilar to tracks released on Cylon in the past only this one seems like it was stripped of all its funk. Its very depressing and it makes me cry.

The tune "Wrong Groove" uses some very nice analoge techstep sounds that I actually like. However the vibe of this tune is also very depressing. Its shocking that people will actually dance to tunes like this, maybe tunes like this are geared for ex-goths?

The tune "The Break" is actually not so bad. Not so bad for a filler tune that is. The beat is very driving and the main sound is a tango & ratty-esk mentasm noise. Theres a sample of a homie-g saying "bone crushing, bone breaking" which is a bit corny but it works here. My complaint is there isn't much of a melody going on here, its just a 'track' in the very sense of the word.

Ok now for the tune I bought these other 3 boring tunes for....

"Bounce"! This tune is truly excellent! For starters a nice Funky Drummer break plays out while Chuck D instructs you to "Bum rush the sound". After all these years I still don't know what "Bum rush the sound" actually means but thats besides the point. James Brown himself also makes a camio in the form of a "I got cha, Pick up on this!" sample. Well thats all great but the bit that makes me grin from ear to ear is the beautiful uplifting 1992 keys that come in at the drop followed by even MORE cheeky samples "Ohh Ohhhh", "Whooo Yeahhh", "Spin your head around your shoulders", "Ahh Yeah", etc... This is all really super but what makes this tune even cooler is that it has the track structure of an actuall 1992 hardcore tune, this ones all over the place, switch ups everywhere. Its almost as if Mind Machine didn't even make this track because it sounds nothing like the other 3 nasty tunes on this double pack. Also can anyone decypher the echoed out female vocal sample at the very end of the tune? Something about "hardcore muther fuckers living today".

I rate this double pack: 4/10 (the tune Bounce gets a score of 9/10 though)


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Yeah I gave this ep a miss cos I wasnt really feeling it. I was disappointed cos Mindmachines always been one of my favourite producers!