MindGroove - REVOLUTION SET (2012)

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    After a steppy halftempo marka-like intro there comes a rolling deep mix of fresh stuff as well as some older futurethinking tracks going dark and minimal time to time supplied with wicked vocals, continuing through dancefloor passages back to deep sound ending up with tracks with breathtaking atmosphere as Cyantific and Kasra's Minerva on outro.
    "Revolution" is the story of the mix, thinking more of its idea more than the act itself, You may either hear it from the atmosphere or find it in the tracklistings. I hope you enjoy listening, if so, feel free to comment, downlaod and share anywhere. Thanks for all suppor!

    Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Run It Like The President (ft. T-Man)
    Seismix - wrong move
    Axon - Relapse
    Loxy & Resound - League Of Shadows
    Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Marka (feat. Strategy)
    Defo - Under Your Breath
    AMOSS - Shapeshifter (feat MC Fokus)
    L 33 - Let it Go
    Flame & Displaced Paranormal - Resistance (Original Mix)
    Mefjus - Distantia
    Enei & MC DRS - Obsession
    Mark System - Love Dub
    AMOSS - New Jack Swing
    Dabs & Safire featuring Mc LowQui - Hideout
    L33 - Fallen
    Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold
    Defo - The Cave
    Jubei & Kasra - The Rift
    Dabs & Amoss - Still There
    EBK&Octane - Mainframe feat. Gusto
    S.P.Y & Kasra - Surface
    Sabre, Stray, Halogenix - St. Clair
    Audio feat. Stapleton - Fall Back
    Enei - One Chance (Emperor Remix)
    Octane & DLR Ft. Break - Murmur
    Paimon, Place2b - Vice Versa (Original Mix)
    Cyantific and Kasra - Minerva

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