Militia - Music for the masses (charge)


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Jan 30, 2002
This is a welcome return for Stakka and his crew here with 4 pretty good tracks and surprisingly there's 2 hardcore amen tracks on there so I was ighty impressed.
Best tune on there for me would have to be "Low key" which is a total amen stomper but with lots of high end reese style sounds giving it a real frantic vibe.
The second best is "Electrolux" which is a bit more of a trademark steppa with a more synthetic sound and lots of spooky stabs and top notch production overall.
Next up is the title track which is a total hardstepper with a distorted 808 bass and amens stomping away which is a big change for this crew but it all goes pretty well and would do the bizness on the dancefloor.
The final track is "You and I know" which I guess has more of skinny's input as it has quite light beats an a laidback vibe which is quite good but i think it's better for home use than dancefloor as it doesn't have much oomph to get people moving.

I really like this EP overall, It's nice to see some of the techstep dons returning after what I think has been a drought of good tech material in the last few years


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Mar 13, 2003
Event Horizon
It's one of the better quality EP's I've seen in a while. I wont ever regret buying this one! Strangly enough it doesn't get played alot over here (in Belgium). That gives me the chance to play them more in my own sets :D .

(yeah I know not very informative for a first post :lickface: )

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