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    As in-ear headphones go, Miles Davis Tribute awesome sound. monster miles davis tribute jazz in-ear headphones Opened a call mid-range on the first level, open-compatible in-ear headphones. Voices were free of congestion, heat, low power and punch and wind instruments seemed very true to their live sound.High heartbeats by lady gaga frequencies are sparkling wines, but none too bright or clear. Transient was very clear, and now little or no distortion. While the celebrations play a sound that remains true to the recording only those songs that have already received a warm warm through the Miles Davis Celebration.Bass earphones are proposed embarrassing. monster butterfly On the other hand, there is a limited amount of space for the speaker, so you just can not reach the bottom head pounding. However, it is possible to reach the musical, tonally accurate bass, and that's what Monster has done here. beats dre solo We believe that the Monster designed these headphones is as accurate as possible, rather than get the beefier low accuracy at the expense of the rest of the spectrum. Although you can not feel that you feel the bass drum, you've probably heard kobe beats by dre of. For long listening sessions, we feel they want to lower. When our ears are relaxed sound, we simply had very revealing, very busy tone that Miles Davis Celebration served.