Mike-L - DeepMelodies Radiocast 001 - Bop Guest Mix - BREAK.FM 16.03.2012


Poland - Lodz - dNb
Jan 21, 2008
Poland - Lodz

Mike-L - DeepMelodies Radiocast 001 - Bop Guest Mix - BREAK.FM 16.03.2012

Every Friday at 20:00 Mike-L will take you on a journey through the depths of drum & bass. Welcome on board called "DeepMelodies", where you could listen microfunk expanse, modern, deep dnb, and also journeys towards a more dynamic climate, and rollers, but maintained the typical convention theme of this show. This is not all, because "DeepMelodies" will have a chance to hear material by various special guests - fresh tunes, guest mixes and all that you can not find even in the best music stores.

Broadcast premiere set will be opened by a talented and one of the most promising of the younger generation of producers - Bop!

Welcome to DeepMelodies on Friday at 20:00!




Dissident - Design Yourself [Dub]
Bop - Time & Space [Dub]
Chris Coda - Heading North [Soul:R]
ASC - Aqualoop [Space Cadets]
Bop - Deep Inside [Dub]
Korsun - Dove [Dub]
London Elektricity - Invisible Worlds (Bop Remix) [Hospital]
Silent Dust - Marlowe [none60]
Sam KDC - Left Behind (Nether's Drum & Space Remix) [DSM Dub]
ASC - TMA-1 [Space Cadets]
Diagram & Korsun - Retrogression [Dub]
Abstract Elements - Apocalypse [Dub]


Bop - I'm not a human [dub]
Blu Mar Ten - Last Life In The Universe [Med School]
Atom - Studio Electronics [Phunkfiction]
Sabre, Stray & Halogenix Feat Frank Carter III - Oblique [Critical Music]
Bulb & Clarity - Her Smooth Love [Med School]
Electrosoul System - Nine Planets (Bop remix) [Kos.Mos.Music]
Bop - Boptism [taken from Applied Minimalism project]
Justice - Aquisse (Chris INP Remix) [Modern Urban Jazz]
ASC - The Morning After [dub]
Bop - Impermanence [Med School]
Microfunk Crew - Kitchens [Space Cadets]
Abstract Elements - Throb [Exit]
Mode - The Abyss (Sam KDC's Acid Dub Re-Think) [The Crescent]
Nether - Gliese 581g [Space Cadets]

MIRROR: http://www.mediafire.com/?bqq68vxfyv57xi8
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