Mikal - Broken Audio Podcast Volume 019


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Volume 019 - Mikal

To continue our tradition of inviting cutting edge musicians onto the Broken Audio Podcast stage, we welcome one of the most talented we know.

Mikael Willett or Mikal as he is known by many burst onto the D’n’B scene in 2007, and since that time the Swedish born DJ & Producer has delivered notable success on various labels including Pristine, Soundtrax, SGN:LTD, Symmetry and Utopia Music to name but a few.

Of course, some of his finest hours lie within the Metalheadz back cat, and in ‘Lifts me up’ Mikal showed the urban music world what he was all about; uber tight beats, searing vocals and heavyweight bass now almost becoming a de rigueur mantra of the man.

As you would no doubt expect, Mikal has put together a top notch mix that includes some of his own work, and that of other artists he is supporting at the moment.

Track Listing:

01. Silent Witness - FMB
02. Audio Habitat, Mad Vibes & Digital - Maintain
03. H Shiratori - Fireworks (Broken Audio)
04. Mikal - Killa Soundboy
05. Ulterior Motive - Gods Neighbours
06. Acid Lab - Sumatra (Broken Audio)
07. The Invaderz - The Ascent
08. Skeptical - Turning Point 2
09. D Bridge - Cornered
10. Mikal - Immaterial
11. Jubei & Consequence - Black Hornet
12. Incognito - Treason
13. Silent Witness - Arc Light
14. Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes - Smoking
15. Skeptical - Always Been Mine ( Ft Collette Warren)
16. Incognito - Frostbyte
17. Klax - Vendetta
18. Audio Habitat & Mad Vibes - Soundscape
19. Detail - Green Rain
20. Alix Perez & Sabre - God Fearing
21. Om Unit - Sleepwalkers
22. Mikal - Realness
23. Soul Intent - Hidden Threat (Broken Audio)
24. Silent Witness - Lost

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