Mika ---heavy amen abuse


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Can't get the link to work
Probably my browser but i'm well in the mood for amens (no surprise there)


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the hoover is a tad dry, not much but just enough to disturb the pleasure. the amen sequencing in the beginning is very used, not much originality, but then again, who cares :D i like the fucked up part of the amen after the drop much more though!

Nice mashing up, and i like the background synth, eerie. just lacking some additional effects, or maybe a little minimalistic synth or stab line like the one you had in the intro... i dunno, leaves me a bit cold somehow. and oh i don't know if it's my setup (i doubt it) but the bass could still be a bit deeper.

dont get me wrong, nice working and i like your style but this 1 is too basic for me, and i like proper carnage mashup a lot.