Midwest Connections volume 4

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    Midwest Connections volume 4 has landed, featuring mixes from myself (radB) as well as 9 other excellent DJs from across the midwest: Lip-Ton, Selekta Steel, Fineprint, Dave UV, Nick Twist, Decontrol, Antik One, Hollow Point, and Cosmo!

    A variety of styles across these mixes including Jungle, Neurofunk, Tech step, Jump up, Liquid, and even some Hardcore.

    each sound on the playlist is actually 2 mixes b2b.

    Here's the tracklist for mine, which starts at 35:20
    Fourward - Exile [Shogun Audio]
    L33 - Bring Down [Addictive Behavior Recordings]
    Xanadu - BPD [Dom & Roland Productions]
    DLR - Ask The Question (Ft Fokus) [Dispatch Recrordings]
    Handra - Stay Away [Addictive Behavior Recordings]
    Hydro & War - Censorship [Blendits Audio]
    Amoss & Fre4knc - Oxide [Dispatch Recordings]
    Kasra & Enei - Words [Critical Recordings]
    Skeptical - Square Breathing [Ingredients Recordings]
    Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Obey [Inception Audio]
    Kodama - Ritualz [Alphacut Records]
    Equinox - Hold Jah Hand [Stand Firm Hi-Fi]
    Cloak & Dagger - Sabotage [Bustle Beats]

    Will see what I can do about getting track lists for the others as well!

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